The August 2019 Florida Real Estate Exam Performance Summary Report


August 2019 Florida Real Estate License State Exam Performance Summary from the DBPR and Pearson Vue

3,962 More Reasons to Take the Best Real Estate Class in Florida at The Best Real Estate School in Florida, The Climer School of Real Estate

49% Fail Rate for First Time Real Estate Test Takers and 67% Fail Rate for Repeaters

The performance statistics are released. They are true and they are again very bad.
August 2019 Florida Real Estate Exam Performance Summary

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Before we go any further, make sure your friends know that The Climer School of Real Estate has a 2-week Real Estate License class beginning September 23rd with a few spaces available, a 2 Week Spanish Real Estate License class in at the Orlando Broker Training Annex beginning on September 16th, a 8 Week Night Real Estate License class at our Orlando Campus beginning on October 22nd, a 1 Week Class beginning on October 7th at the Orlando Main Campus, a 2 Week...

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