Why is the Climer School Real Estate's Post 45 the Best Post 45 class in Florida?

Mar 02, 2020

Why does the Climer School Real Estate have the best Post 45 class in Florida?

Why is our Post 45 more than a class, it is a life-changing experience?

We make your 45 hours as useful, meaningful, and relevant as humanly possible!

best real estate school in florida

Our students never want to leave our Post 45 class

Yes, we teach you and go through the Florida Real Estate commissions approved Dearborn Post 45 licensing textbook. However, we teach you so much more.

At the Climer School Real Estate Post 45 class, you will learn more about building up and developing your business and you will learn more about developing and improving your personal self than you ever dreamed humanly possible.

 In fact, we have a new Post 45 class beginning Monday, March 2, 2020. We even have space left so you want to register now .

Our Post 45 is a class but it feels like a masterminding, networking party. The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) says you have to do the Post 45 class. You have to completed before the end of your first sales associate Real Estate license expiration date. Since you have to be there, let’s make it as powerful as possible. There is no state exam at the end of the course waiting for you, so the stress level and anxiety is significantly and remarkably lower than in the pre-license class.

 We spend a lot of time in group exercises working on helping you develop your goals for your Real Estate business and for your life. We help you ask yourself some of the hard questions that are important for you to ask yourself, we work on business planning, time management, listing presentations, open houses, social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogging, influence and persuasion in your sales and closing conversations, negotiations, working with buyers, tracking your numbers, and improving your relationships not just in Real Estate but in every facet of your life.

 Our students end up sharing a lot as well. Some of them share things that they have been using that are working very effectively. We love the fact that they feel safe and sharing with their new best friends in the class. Sometimes the end of feeling so safe in the room with 50 or 60 or 70 people who at the beginning of the class were strangers and now feel like close friends that they open up and become very vulnerable and share their struggles to get where they are today.

best real estate school in florida

 Many of the stories are incredibly moving in quite emotional. You can feel a transformative energy take over the room as people listen in awe. The stories are more proof that you have no idea what the person next to you is bringing to the table of your life. You don’t know what experience they have or what unique skill sets they have or what they had been through or what they are struggling with right now.

 We are so proud and humbled by the fact that we are able to create such a safe place of learning and sharing at the Climer School Real Estate.

 There are some associations that offer you the Post 45 requirement tucked in a boring designation class. There are some Real Estate companies that offer the Post 45 requirement tucked within another class that they are making money on. Their Post 45’s do not hold a candle to the Climer School Real Estate. They are not even close; they are not even the same the universe.

 We highly recommend that you take whatever Association designation class that catches your fancy and that you take whatever initial training class that your Real Estate company is offering whether or not they give it to you for free or charge you.

 However, no matter what they offer you, you owe it to yourself to take your Post 45 licensing class at the Climer School of Real Estate .

 We promise you it will be the greatest class and experience that you ever had to take. We are starting a new Post 45 class Monday, March 2. We only offer our Post 45 classes as well as our continuing education and broker Post license classes during the months that we call our renewal season months. These months are January, February, and March and then July, August, and September of every year.

 Find out for yourself what thousands of students already know. Discover the Climer School experience for yourself.

The Climer School of Real Estate was started back in 1984

best real estate school in florida
If you want to take a Real Estate Class, then you’ll want to take it with The Climer School of Real Estate. We are Best Real Estate School in Florida. We are the only School in Florida that uses the PASS F.A.S.T.™ System & Technology that trains our Adult Students to pass their multiple choice-based state exams faster and easier. The PASS F.A.S.T.™ System utilizes NLS™, Neuro-Linguistic Sublimatics™ that helps our students remember more effectively.
Find out what thousands of successful and happy students already know. Discover the Climer School Difference for yourself.

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