ORRA has a Toastmasters Club, 'Leaders In Communication'

toastmasters Nov 23, 2019

Toastmasters Will Help Every Real Estate Agent Become More Successful

and ORRA has a Toastmaster Club!

Leaders In Communication Toastmasters Club meets every Tuesday at 12:00

Toastmasters International is almost 100 years old

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit organization that develops leadership skills and self-confidence through helping individuals become more confident has speakers. At the moment, Toastmasters has approximately 360,000 members in almost 17,000 local clubs in almost 150 countries.



I am a Toastmaster. I directly attribute my success in real estate education to my years in Toastmasters and the help and mentorship that I received from my fellow Toastmasters. This is one of the main reasons why The Climer School of Real Estate has become the best Real Estate School in Florida.




 Toastmasters was founded by a young man named Ralph C Smedley on March 24, 1905. These meetings were very beneficial and was held at the YMCA in Bloomington, Illinois. Mr. Smedley moved to Santa Ana California in 1922 and created the official Toastmasters. The first official Toastmasters International meeting of the club number one it is credited on October 22, 1924. Check out its 90 year history



 Since then, Toastmasters International has helped hundreds of thousands of people become more confident and competent as leaders and speakers.



 I also believe that every single real estate agent should join a Toastmasters club and practice their public speaking skills. My students know that is my strong belief that no one anywhere can never be as successful as possible that they cannot move people with their words. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business, government, civic, church, or anything. You have to be able to move people with your words to rise to the highest level of success possible.




 Public speaking isn’t necessarily standing on the stage and speaking to a crowd of thousand people. When you’re in real estate, every listing presentation in every conversation with a potential buyer prospect is a form of public speaking. You can always get better, and you should.



 There are around 100 clubs in Central Florida. They meet at various times of the day, every day of the week. Fortunately for Central Florida real estate agents, the Orlando Regional Realtors® Association (ORRA) hosted his own Toastmasters group that is open to everyone. The name of the club is Leaders In Communication.



They meet faithfully every Tuesday during lunch hours, from 12:00 to 1:30.



 I strongly urge you to consider printing and filling out the application, attending as a guest, and get a feel for what’s going on. Then I strongly urge you to join the club.



 This suggestion is double and triple for those of you who are terrified of public speaking but a little voice inside is telling you, “you need to do this, and you know it.”



 There is a reason why this little voice is speaking to you. Just do it! Survey after survey, study after study, the number one fear in adults continues to be the fear of public speaking. The number two fear in adults continues to be the fear of dying.



 We have a joke in Toastmasters. “Most people would rather be in the casket than on the stage delivering the eulogy.” It’s funny because it’s true.



 By the way, it’s not enough just to not be afraid to speak in front of people. You have to be effective at speaking from the people as well.



 When you join Leaders In Communication and start getting some experience and practice at this art, you are going to be better than 90% of your peers and competitors. Because they are not doing this even though they need to.



 If you would like more information on Toastmasters International please visit . The best thing to do is go visit Toastmasters club. Go to any of them, they are all fantastic.




 It would be wonderful if you would consider going to the local ORRA Toastmasters club, Leaders In Communication. I was there at the beginning and we need to get this club robust and vibrant and healthy again.




 Not to mention you will love the people in the organization. Individuals don’t stay in Toastmasters for 10 or 15 or 20 years or more because of the thought of being able to deliver another speech. It is because of the individuals. Toastmasters seems to attract extraordinary people.




 Become a part of it!




 Do you know someone who is ready to start their Real Estate Career? Send them to our site or have them call us 407-822-EXAM (3926). We have classes starting all the time including next month.



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