Recruiting at Real Estate Schools Must be Done the Right Way

Feb 20, 2020


Recruiting at Real Estate Schools Must be Done the Right Way

Brokers and Recruiters love Climer School Real Estate Students

Everyone is Welcome, We Have Never Asked Anyone to Recruit

The Climer School of Real Estate is the best Real Estate school in Florida


We are very blessed at the Climer School of Real Estate, the best Real Estate school in Florida. We have large classes and we extract amazing and extraordinary students.
Most Real Estate schools would give their right arm to have as many students in their class as we have in our smallest classes.

Additionally, the way that we do things at the Climer School creates amazing energy and connectedness. Everybody feels it. Everybody wants to be a part of it and be in it.

 Recently at the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) meeting, one of the commissioners stated publicly that there were two schools in Orlando that were

1. begging brokers to come in and recruit during lunch and

2. illegally allowing the brokers to recruit their students

 This commissioner said he was going to immediately get an investigator in there to review these illegal practices. I feel sorry for these two schools. It is so easy to do things the right way.

 Florida statute 61J2-17.015 clearly states that it is a violation to recruit during instructional time and that is not allowed. It also says that if students with any violation, they need to report it immediately, and that this must be posted in every classroom.

This is exactly why you don’t want to go to a Real Estate school that is owned and run and managed by a brokerage. The only reason why they have the Real Estate school is for recruiting purposes. They’re probably not even a good school. They are more focused on recruiting new agents and selling Real Estate than in true Real Estate licensing education. 

I’ve been saying this for years and yet students still go to schools that are owned and run and managed by Real Estate brokerages. The Climer School Real Estate is not a brokerage.

We do what we do better than anyone else in the entire state of Florida. Teach and train our students to beat the state exam at their own game quickly and easily. Then they can start making money, have fun and begin to learn what they really need to know for their Real Estate career.

 The Climer School Real Estate operates like Switzerland regarding recruiters and recruiting brokers. We are not connected to any Real Estate company or broker. Anyone and everyone are allowed to come and speak to our students at the main campus location in Orlando as long as they adhere to a few simple rules:

1. we have learned the hard way that the speaker needs to be either a broker, an official recruiter, or an old friend that I’ve known for a long time in the Real Estate community.

2. If they are affiliated with another Real Estate school, they are not allowed in speech or students and

3. They are not allowed to mention the name of any other Real Estate school

4. They must respect the time limitations as mandated Florida Real Estate Commission

5. Their recruiting must been done before class starts in the morning or during lunch.

 If they voluntarily request to come during the lunch break, they always bring lunch for the student who stay.

We have never and will never tell any broker or recruiter that they must bring food if you want to talk to our students. They bring lunch because they know the students are on their lunch break and they are hungry. They know that if they do not bring lunch, the students will leave and go get lunch. This would defeat the purpose for being there.

 We have had a few recruiters and brokers violate our rules. Sometimes they get a second chance and sometimes they don’t. They have not been allowed to come back. It is very simple.

 We love the fact that so many different and such a wide variety of representatives of the Real Estate industry come and speak to our students. Picking your first broker is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Every broker, every office, every company, every system is different. You must pick the one that is the most right for you.

 At the Climer School Real Estate, not only will you get the best Real Estate licensing class you also get to personally meet and talk to the best brokers, recruiters, and Real Estate companies in Florida.

The Climer School of Real Estate was started back in 1984


If you want to take a Real Estate Class, then you’ll want to take it with The Climer School of Real Estate. We are Best Real Estate School in Florida. We are the only school in Florida that uses the PASS F.A.S.T.™ System & Technology that trains our Adult Students to pass their multiple choice-based state exams faster and easier. The PASS F.A.S.T.™ System utilizes NLS™, Neuro-Linguistic Sublimatics™ that helps our students remember and retain more effectively.
Find out what thousands of successful and happy students already know. Discover the Climer School Difference for yourself.

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